HOW TO GET PUBLISHED: A Guide To Our International Standards

Azure Lorica distributes online, internationally, and in more than one language. From ebooks to hardcover, we pride ourselves in reaching readers across the globe. But, as an antibully society, we have a mission in our publications.

"Pay it forward, and the world you want to live in may last a lifetime."

For years, we've created programs at local events and online communities, to aid in social awareness to mental health. Now, there are more organizations taking the same mission in their countries and communities, and we want to help them grow.

We donate a fraction of our profits to aid charities that make a real difference to those in need. And your book can help us give that support.

Finding Time To Be An Author

Being an writer isn't always a full time job, which is why most established authors are middle aged. They've lived a life, and worked to keep it. But on the side, their novels develop gradually. And await for their popularity, to proceed to writing more. Marketing is hard, Reviewers are harsh, but it's all worth it once the opportunity for film and theatre adaptations build their fame.

But that's only one scenario available to authors, in the world of creativity. There are lyricists, poets, artists, and the realm of nonfiction. It's all work, needless to say. Work that can help everyone to sympathize and practice their philosophy within their personal space. And we aim to aid in that factor.

If writing for pleasure doesn't suite you, nor the success of one's labor pro bono and someday a profit to be, then allow us to give you an incentive: write for charity.

By writing for charity, your marketing opportunities are higher, and your audience more sensitive. This is, however, better for those unknown Authors who've either never written a completed piece, or are looking for another edition under a traditional publisher. But, please keep in mind, we are a niche. And that's not always a bad thing.

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