Our Distribution

We are happy to announce that many of our sales have found success internationally. Our print copies have made it to Europe, South America, and Asia. A majority of our foreign sales have been most successful in India, Norway, and Taiwan. And our reach is still growing. 

Due to such a wonderful introduction to the foreign market, we've hired translators to aid us in building a series of editions for our international readers. 

Surprisingly, the reciprocation from our readers have caught the attention of foreign writers, as well. Now, with the aid of foreign speaking Freelancers, we're translating books for English readers. 

We're making connections with local bookstores, here in Los Angeles, to build what our foreign writers have sought in their publication: international audience from one of the largest economies in the world.

It's a slow process, as some businesses have yet reawaken from the pandemic's effect, but we are hopeful. And we cannot thank enough for everyone's support.