Our Cause


Azure Lorica is an Antibully Society, first and foremost. Any productions by our organization supports programs that promote equality, mental health awareness, and more. Being an antibully society is merely a step into the right direction, we need help your help.

In our experience, starting a business, rather than just fundraising, is more substantial for public services. By publishing books, we're able to share the royalties with other nonprofits of our choice, aiding LGBTQIA+ communities, abused women, and suicide prevention programs with a self-sustainable source of income. 

It's not as flashy as a concert and gala, but it welcomes the public to help us serve their needs.

Authors are invited with this cause, as part of their incentive. Many new Authors have a hard time convincing themselves to finish their piece, because they believe that their time is worth more in immediate returns, such as a minimum wage job. Investing in their writing seems a waste, especially when inspiration does not clock in, on schedule, or ever... 

Not everyone has an Entrepreneural mindset, where the so-called "successful people" work for free and invest their money back into their business to be "rich". It's not easy to start from nothing, or struggle from hardships, and never seem to come out of the grind. And yet, we have websites filled with artists and writers that are willing to share their works for free to the world. It makes them happy. Nothing wrong with it, but we hope to be an option to give them something for their efforts. 

In our organization, Publishers share their royalties to fund our cause, while Authors make money. There are those that love it, and we wish to keep this idea open for those yet to have considered it. Think of it this way, you'll invest your time in your own book, that will provide you with passive income, professional prestige, and funding a good cause, just by marketing your craft.

If you're interested in some of our Authors' work, please feel free to visit our Book Club, at: book.azurelorica.org